One Touch Installations in 5 seconds

Regular trekking poles are a real hassle to use. They require multiple steps and processes to set up or set off, such as turning the lever to lock and unlock, followed by folding and unfolding the poles each time.

Heritage 1.0, on the other hand, will be ready in just five seconds thanks to its one-touch installation method. Simply open the flip lock and pull the pole to set up, or insert it to set off.‚Äč

To set up, first pull the pole until each tier is fully extended, adjust the length as needed according to your height, and close the flip-lock safety device to lock. Once the tiers have been fixed in place, they will not collapse or slip off, even if you intentionally try to.

Compact & High Portability

Heritage 1.0 can be as small as 17 inches long when folded, with a weight of only less than 18 ounces.
Our trekking pole can be easily stored in a common 20-liter backpack, keeping your hands free. Avoid accidentally stabbing your hiking mate with the pole or risking losing the poles.

Innovative 5-Core Shock Absorbers

Heritage 1.0 is ground-breaking and innovative in that it is the first trekking pole ever to be equipped with the anti-shock function by applying five cores.

The existing trekking poles on the market implement only one core for absorbing heavy or strong shocks. Any slight impact will still directly transmit to the wrist, elbow, or shoulder and eventually cause physical fatigue during use.

Heritage 1.0 has an anti-shock system with four micro cores and one main core to absorb all intensities of shocks, from weak to strong. Freely walk, hike, or venture as much as you want in nature with our secure 5-layer protection.

Before Whizpole

After Whizpole

The micro cores are triggered by the slightest impact of 150 g/mm and work to relieve fatigue in any direction. With each core located in four different directions, it immediately acts to absorb the shocks detected and evenly distribute the pressure on the ground.

We conducted a shock absorption test by working distance to confirm the anti-shock effect of our product. The result was astonishing, as other products only respond to 11 lbs, while Heritage 1.0 immediately detected and responded to the slightest shock as small as 1.3 lbs.

In addition, the anti-shock parts were designed to be located in the upper part of the trekking pole to minimize the sense of weight. This structure allows the pole to absorb any impact from the ground as well as the vibration from each tier, further reducing body fatigue.

Automatic Lock for Extra Safety

The foldable trekking poles often collapse by accident due to loose locks, which is very dangerous for the users as it would cause them to lose balance. As a solution, Heritage 1.0 added a spring to the flip-lock in case the tiers do not lock in place tightly enough or release during use over time.

We've also added an automatic locking device for extra safety. Each tier of the pole has its own lock to prevent it from slipping down and fixes by simply opening or closing. Our product enhances portability and safety to another level, with no additional action required from users.

Powerful but Ultralight, Duralumin 7001

Heritage 1.0 is the newest product that was born from the marriage of innovative technology and premium materials.

We chose Duralumin 7001, which is an aluminum alloy materials used for building aircraft and jets, for its excellence in stiffness as well as resilience. It is light but sturdy, providing a satisfying user experience even when used for a long time. Since Duralumin 7001 has a strength that exceeds 320 N, the German DIN 79016 standard, our product can withstand tough, powerful impacts with a long lifespan.

Every single detail of our product was meticulously calculated for better usage and safety.

In addition to aluminum alloy, we also applied shock-resistant PC (polycarbonate) to the anti-shock and automatic locking device of each tier, and applied composite glass to the flip-locks for increased durability.

Superior Grip, Better Usability

Highly elastic and dense, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is the perfect material for the handle due to its rubber-like softness and flexibility. We've custom-designed the upper part of the Heritage 1.0 handle to provide and maintain a solid, stable grip for the user.

In addition, a soft and flexible weave strap was exclusively made for our product to maximize usability and protect wrists during use.


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